One-on-One On-Demand Certification

Have you ever wanted to have a certification all to yourself? Now you can.

The One-on-One On-Demand Certification training option gives you your very own personal Liquid Motion certification experience. You and your assigned master trainer will work together over a time span of up to three months to learn and master the Liquid Motion methodology. Think of it like a three-month private lesson. Be careful what you wish for - this training option is intense and designed to give you customized feedback to push you past what you thought you could do.  

Keep in mind this training is not for everyone. However, if you want to work with one of our master trainers and you're prepared to transform your movement, the one-on-one on-demand training option is for you. With this option, you'll complete self-guided lessons, as well as movement assignments and written homework that will be reviewed by your trainer, giving you individualized attention with every lesson. This is a whole new experience!

This new offering is completely different from any other training option on our website because of its intensity and time commitment. Liquid Motion understands that there are many types of students and different ways to learn.  In addition to our live in-person trainings and our live virtual trainings, we now give you an opportunity to immerse yourself and be transformed one-on-one and on your own time. 

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Check out our on-demand platform with this free class with Liquid Motion owner and founder Jeni Janover. You'll learn the fundamentals and techniques of the Liquid Motion methodology through an easy-to-follow progression of floorwork-based movement.

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Laura P.

I got my certification in April 2018 and have never regretted it. The entire crew of LM are encouraging amazing. I take weekly zoom classes now and love the fun atmosphere that comes through the feed. The attention to detail in breaking down moves, giving you different ways to think of how to approach things is so helpful. I look forward to continuing my growth in LM.

Liz R.

Liquid Motion has introduced me to a new way of thinking about dance theory and movement. LM is definitely the best exercise and most fun I've had while building strength and becoming more flexible again! Jeni and the team always offer modifications and I would 100% recommend LM to anyone looking to keep moving and have fun while exercising!

Liesbet J.

Very nice class! Loved that it's more than a sequence, you really go into the technique, so you can apply it to all your dancing.